Froebel-For the international enlightenment education

万狗app安全吗Froebel International Kindergarten originated from Mr. Friedrich Wilhelm Froebel, the Father of Global Kindergartens. We remember this German educator’s contributions to early childhood education with gratitude, and we are determined to carry on ideas of Froebel’s educational ,develop Froebel’s educational system and create a new model of Froebel international early childhood education.We respect children’s nature and strive to pursue life-long learning. Through providing children with an abundant and colorful international education curriculum,our goal is to provide a ?healthy and safe environment with the support of competent and compassionate teachers. ?The kindergarten aims to provide children,parents and teachers with an internationalized and brighter educational life with Froebel-style.

Our vision

Giving children comprehensive environments

Scientific and nurturing

Let the child become initiative and compassionate

Lifelong and shape the culture around them learners and citizens of the world in the future.

Our mission

I strive to become better person,

not only for myself,

but for the world around me.

Our philosophy

To develop children's artistic talent,enrich life experience; a cultivating learning environment, enhance children's problem-solving skills;

To develop different capacities for each child;

To create cultually diverse people who are equipped with understanding and responsibility;

Focusing on mental and phsical development;creating a "safe place" where children can express their individual personalities

To develop children's self-awareness and decision-making in cooperation with Froebel staff, parents and children.


No. 61, Shu Jin Road (No.171, Jin Peng Street), Chengdu, Sichuan 028-8732 0116