Stern decoration standard
  • Floor

    Uses APG pure-natural soybean glue, even when the heating was turn on and it is also as "zero formaldehyde" to release.
  • Coatings

    Deluxe zero-formaldehyde coatings are chosen exclusively for children, amd provide one colourful and healthy study space.
  • Heating

    Buderus water-heating and floor heating is imported from Germany, Air premixed gas-fired boiler makes comfortable enviornment
Triple air treatment
  • Dust-free

    A customized Gree air-conditioning system (duct-free ventilation) are used, effective to avoid the pipe dust that produce the air problem.
  • Purification

    Honeywell top-supported air purification fresh-air equipment is used to realize heat exchanging fresh air and wholly covering of purification, 100% effectively purification of PM2.5, dust, and other harmful substance, to keep the optimal state of air.
  • Disinfection

    Kengewangm man-machine symbiosis coexistence air disinfectors are used, medical standards for health protection.
A heathy diet can be traced back
  • Selecting Suppliers

    万狗app安全吗Dominated by the United States Eco water purification system, to guarantee the health of children’s drinking water. Food is made from high quality Yi Dian Tian organic farms, Metro Food Group and Jin Zhong Fresh Meat Industry for supplying. Daily meals have sampling for food, to ensure that the children to eat healthy.
  • Five-star Kitchen

    According to five-star hotel design standard, and use centralized kitchen utensils, to ensure the safety of processing and storage.
  • Scientific and Nutritional Diet

    Nutriology experts in Sichuan Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics customizes scientific diet according to requirements of children in growing and development stage, meeting the daily requirements of infant. Meanwhile, delicious dish can make children have good appetite.
Full-time Intelligent Monitoring
  • Cooperate with Foxconn Group and as the first inteligent exemplary kindergarten
  • Healthcare Management
  • Real time observation APP for parents


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