Integrate global teachers
to build the most concerned international faculty team

万狗app安全吗Froebel International Kindergarten has collected global early childhood education resources and built a top-notch teaching staffs. As the “Practice Base of HighScope Education courses” and an “Intelligent Demonstration Kindergarten”, each class in kindergarten is taught by full time chinese teacher and foreign teacher who has early childhood education teaching qualifications and certified by the HighScope Education Research Foundation. In addition, it also integrates specialized experts in various fields to provide professional entry-level learning of characteristic Froebel customized courses.

Professional team of foreign consultants
  • Larry Schweinhart(Dr)

    Chairman of HighScope Education Research Foundation World-famous pre-school education expert Scholar of enlightening education planning, decision-maker, educator and speaker with numerous theoretical studies in the US and world-wide.

  • Chery Polk(Dr)

    Chairman of the HighScope Education Research Foundation Member of Board of Directors of the Zero to Three (age:0-3) Project, clinical psychologist and scholar equipped with abundant experience and world-famous pre-school education expert.

  • Julie Wigton(Senior Trainer)

    Senior Advisor, Senior Certified Trainer of the HighScope Education Research Foundation, Specially-appointed International Trainer at the Chinese HighScope Education Training Center

  • George s.Morrison(Dr)

    World-famous pre-school education expert
    Professor at Stanford University, USA
    President of the Education College of Stanford University

Experts Team
  • Liming Sun| Member of the Froebel Education Research Association

    High-grade childhood education teacher in Jiangsu Province, middle school senior teacher
    Director of Jiangsu Provincial Chen Heqin Education ConceptsResearch Association
    Specially appointed research fellow of Jiangsu
    Child-education & Special-education Research Institute
    Specially appointed professor of Jiangsu Education Training Center
    Member of the Expert Database of Jiangsu Provincial Education Evaluation Institute, Member of the 9th CPPNC of Lianyungang, President of the Lianyungang Nursery Teachers’ Association. In 2011, her work was ?selected ?in a teaching ideas collection of high-grade famous teachers in Jiangsu Province. She has successively published about 30 papers in national and provincial key journals of pre-school education, edited six books, and published works titled Let Child Grow Happily---Explorations and Practices of Trinitarian Education Theories, Refined Management of Kindergartenand others.

  • Jiajia Wang| Member of the Froebel Education Research Association

    Associate Professor of Teachers’ Education College of Jiangsu University
    Master's Supervisor
    Doctor of Education of East China Normal University
    Visiting scholar atUniversity of California-Berkeley in the US
    His research ismainly concentrated oneducational philosophy, comparative education and other fields. He haspublished about 30 papers in key journals, edited and translated more thanten works and taken charge of humanistic and social science research projects of the Ministry of Education, the Social Science Funds Project of Jiangsu Province, “the 12th Five Year Plan” Education Science Planning project of Jiangsu Province, the China Degree and Postgraduate Education Academy, Philosophy and Social-science Research Projects of Higher-Education Institutions in Jiangsu Province and others.

  • Jing Chen| Director of education

    Nationally registered senior psychological consultant
    Master degree of Psychology of Beijing Normal University
    Director of Child’s Psychological Research Lab of Applied Psychology and Psychological Health Education Research Institute of Sichuan University
    Former director and Associate Professor of Psychological Health Education Institute in Chengdu Kiri Primary School.
    Former deputy general manager of the golden preschool education group, and co-founded Tianfu ?Waldorf Forest School in 2014.

  • Xiangrong Zhang| Member of the Froebel Education Research Association

    Vice President of the Sichuan Infant Early-education Industry Association
    Party Branch Secretary and Deputy Director of the Sociology
    Branch of the Sichuan Provincial Academy of Social Sciences
    Director of the Youth Development Center
    Graduate School Professor
    Psychological consultant for the Student Union of Beijing Normal University, expert of the Sichuan Provincial Women’s Federation, and the Family Education Guidance Center of Chengdu Women’s Federation.
    His 16 works include Newly-born Infant, Use Five Weeks to Change a Stubborn Child and others.

  • Guohui Xu| Member of the Froebel Education Research Association

    Doctor of Education in Comparative Teaching in the US
    Senior teaching-staff cultivator
    Managing Director of China Tao Xingzhi Research Association
    President of HK Flexible Knowledge Education Institute
    Founder of Dayi County Flexible Knowledge Kindergarten
    Dr. Xu Guohui successively held positions at the University of Macau, the Open University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Institute of Education. He once worked as a full-time Education Coordination Official in the U.N. High Commission for Refugees and was in charge of education development projects at the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank. In 2005, Dr. Xu Guohui devoted himself to Chinese rural education, launched education reform and innovations in multiple developing countries in Asia.


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